Ohio Storms “The Hill”

The Buckeye state was well-represented in Washington D.C. at the 2015 Arts Advocacy Day on March 24th. More than 40 arts advocates from Ohio attended, making our state’s delegation the biggest and best of all the states. Arts Advocacy Day is sponsored each year by Americans for the Arts.

During preparations for our Congressional visits we were briefed on key policy issues, observed a mock congressional visit, and planned our strategy in state caucuses. The evening before the visits, we traveled to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for an evening of inspirational musical performances and the 28th Annual Nancy Hanks Lecture. Introduced by the award winning hip hop artist Common, this year’s lecture was given by Norman Lear. The groundbreaking television producer, author and social activist, didn’t disappoint. His lecture was candid, funny and moving as he skewered the powers that be and made us laugh at our human failings.

The morning of Arts Advocacy Day, we met in the Caucus Room of the Cannon House Office Building where turnaround artist and actor Doc Shaw, actress and playwright Holland Taylor, NEA Chairman Jane Chu, NEH Chairman Bro Adams and several Members of Congress ”revved up the troops”. The 2015 Congressional Arts Leadership Award was presented to Sen. Tom Udall (D-NM). In accepting the award, Sen. Udall said, “We need a United States of America that puts the arts front and center of American life.”

We visited the offices of both of our U.S. Senators and all of our Members of Congress and urged them to support $155 million for the NEA, reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, provide funding for arts education programs and retain incentives for charitable giving. To learn more about the issues discussed with Ohio’s Congressional delegation, you can view the 2015 Congressional Arts Handbook, here.

I was pleased to serve as Ohio’s State Captain for Arts Advocacy Day this year and want to thank each of the committed arts advocates who took the time to speak truth to power. It was a great day and the Ohio arts community, once again, did itself proud!

Congressional Arts Kickoff with Tom Katzenmeyer, Bob Lynch, Chairman Chu, Linda Woggon

Congressional Arts Kickoff with Tom Katzenmeyer, Bob Lynch, NEA Chairman Chu, Linda Woggon

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Senate Standing Committees

On January 23, 2015, Senate President Keith Faber made the following appointments to the Senate Standing Committees:

Agriculture: Republicans:  Hite (Chair), Uecker (Vice Chair), Beagle, Burke, Gardner, Manning, and Peterson  Democrats: Gentile (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Skindell

Civil Justice: Republicans:  Bacon (Chair), Oelslager (Vice Chair), Coley, Eklund, Hughes, Obhof and Seitz  Democrats: Skindell (Ranking Member), Brown and Thomas

Criminal Justice: Republicans:  Eklund (Chair), Obhof (Vice Chair), Bacon, Hughes, Lehner, Seitz and Uecker  Democrats: Thomas (Ranking Member), Skindell, and Williams

Education: Republicans:  Lehner (Chair), Hite (Vice Chair), Balderson, Coley, Gardner, Jordan, Manning, Peterson, and Widener  Democrats: Sawyer (Ranking Member), Thomas, Williams and Yuko

Energy & Natural Resources: Republicans:  Balderson (Chair), Jones (Vice Chair), Gardner, Hite, Hottinger, Patton, Seitz, and Uecker  Democrats:  Gentile (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Williams

Finance: Republicans:  Oelslager (Chair), Coley (Vice Chair), Beagle, Burke, Gardner, Hughes, LaRose, Patton, and Peterson  Democrats: Skindell (Ranking Member), Gentile, Sawyer, and Tavares

Finance Subcommittee on General Government: Republicans:  Jordan (Chair), Eklund, Jones and Peterson. Democrats: Gentile (Vice Chair) and Skindell

Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education: Republicans:  Gardner (Chair), Bacon, Hughes, and Manning. Democrats: Cafaro (Vice Chair) and Thomas

Finance Subcommittee on Education: Republicans:  Hite (Chair), Balderson, Beagle, Coley and Lehner. Democrats: Sawyer (Vice Chair), Thomas and Yuko

Finance Subcommittee on Corrections: Republicans:  Uecker (Chair), Obhof, Patton, and Seitz  Democrats: Brown (Vice Chair) and Tavares

Finance Subcommittee on Workforce: Republicans:  Beagle (Chair), Hottinger, LaRose and Widener  Democrats: Williams (Vice Chair) and Yuko

Financial Institutions: Republicans:  Hughes (Chair), Eklund (Vice Chair), Bacon, Beagle, Burke, Hottinger, LaRose and Obhof  Democrats: Yuko (Ranking Member), Gentile and Thomas.

Government Oversight & Reform: Republicans:  Coley (Chair), Seitz (Vice Chair), Balderson, Burke, Jordan, LaRose, Obhof, Patton and Widener. Democrats: Yuko (Ranking Member), Brown and Skindell.

Health & Human Services: Republicans:  Jones (Chair), Lehner (Vice Chair), Beagle, Gardner, Hite, Hottinger, Manning and Oelslager  Democrats: Tavares (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Williams.

Insurance: Republicans:  Hottinger (Chair), Bacon (Vice Chair), Balderson, Beagle, Hughes, Jones,LaRose, Manning and Peterson  Democrats: Brown (Ranking Member), Gentile, Thomas and Williams

Medicaid: Republicans:  Burke (Chair), Manning (Vice Chair), Coley, Jones, Jordan, Lehner and Widener  Democrats: Cafaro (Ranking Member), Brown and Tavares

Public Utilities: Republicans:  Seitz (Chair), Balderson (Vice Chair), Bacon, Eklund, Hite, Patton, Peterson and Uecker  Democrats: Williams (Ranking Member), Sawyer and Tavares

Rules & Reference: Republicans:  Faber (Chair), Widener (Vice Chair), Burke, Coley, Hite, Hughes, Manning, Obhof, Oelslager and Patton  Democrats: Schiavoni (Ranking Member), Brown, Gentile and Tavares

State & Local Government: Republicans:  LaRose (Chair), Hottinger (Vice Chair), Hughes, Jones, Jordan, Peterson, Seitz and Uecker  Democrats: Thomas (Ranking Member), Brown and Yuko

Transportation, Commerce & Labor: Republicans: Manning (Chair), Senator Patton (Vice Chair), Bacon, Eklund, Hottinger, LaRose and Uecker  Democrats: Cafaro (Ranking Member), Brown, Gentile and Yuko

Ways & Means: Republicans: Senator Peterson (Chair), Beagle (Vice Chair), Eklund, Hite, Jordan, Obhof and Widener  Democrats: Tavares (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Williams

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On January 21, 2015, Speaker Cliff Rosenberger made the following appointments to the House Standing Committees.

Agriculture & Rural Development

Republican: Chair Hill, B., Vice Chair Burkley, T., Boose, T., Buchy, J., Hagan, C., Kraus, S., LaTourette, S., Retherford, W.,Rezabek, J., Ruhl, M., Schaffer, T., Thompson, A., Vitale, N., Zeltwanger, P.
Democrat: Ranking Member Patterson, J., Cera, J., O’Brien, M., O’Brien, S., Patmon, B., Phillips, D., Sheehy, M.

Armed Services, Veterans Affairs & Public Safety 

Republican: Chair Johnson, T., Vice Chair Perales, R., Anielski, M., Kraus, S., Landis, A., Retherford, W., Terhar, L., Vitale, N., Young, R., Zeltwanger, P.                   Democrat: Ranking Member Craig, H., Bishoff, H., Fedor, T., Johnson, G., O’Brien, M

Commerce & Labor 

Republican: Chair Young, R., Vice Chair DeVitis, T., Blessing, L., Brinkman, T., Duffey, M., Hood, R., Koehler, K., Landis, A.,Pelanda, D., Roegner, K.
Democrat: Ranking Member Lepore-Hagan, M., Fedor, T., Reece, A., Slesnick, S., Sweeney, M.

Community & Family Advancement

Republican: Chair Derickson, T., Vice Chair Ginter, T., Antani, N., Conditt, M., Dever, J., Hagan, C., Hayes, B., Hood, R.,McClain, J., Young, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Howse, S., Boyce, K., Boyd, J., Lepore-Hagan, M., Patmon, B.

Community & Family Advancement Sub.: Minority Affairs

Republican: Antani, N., Conditt, M., Dever, J.
Democrat: Chair Boyce, K., Patmon, B.

Economic & Workforce Development 

Republican: Chair Baker, N., Vice Chair Romanchuk, M., Antani, N., Koehler, K., Kraus, S., Perales, R., Ryan, S., Young, R.,Zeltwanger, P.
Democrat: RMM Smith, K., Barnes, J., Craig, H., Driehaus, D.


Republican: Chair Hayes, B., Vice Chair Brenner, A., Blessing, L., Cupp, R., Derickson, T., Henne, M., Huffman, S., Koehler, K., Manning, N., Roegner, K., Slaby, M., Smith, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Fedor, T., Boyd, J., Patmon, B., Patterson, J., Phillips, D., Ramos, D., Smith, K.

Energy & Natural Resources

Republican: Chair Landis, A., Vice Chair Hagan, C., Grossman, C., Hall, D., Hill, B., Maag, R., Slaby, M., Terhar, L.,Thompson, A.
Democrat: Ranking Member O’Brien, S., Cera, J., Howse, S., Leland, D.

Finance & Appropriations

Republican: Chair Smith, R., Vice Chair Schuring, K., Anielski, M., Burkley, T., Cupp, R., Derickson, T., Dovilla, M., Duffey, M., Green, D., Grossman, C., Hall, D., Kunze, S., Maag, R., McClain, J., Perales, R., Reineke, B., Romanchuk, M.,Scherer, G., Sears, B., Sprague, R., Thompson, A.
Democrat: Ranking Member Driehaus, D., Antonio, N., Boyce, K., Cera, J., Clyde, K., O’Brien, M., Patterson, J., Phillips, D.,Ramos, D., Reece, A., Sykes, E.

Finance Subcommittee on Agriculture, Development & Natural Resources

Republican: Chair Thompson, A., Burkley, T., Hall, D.
Democrat: Ranking Minority O’Brien, M., Cera, J.

Finance Subcommittee on Health & Human Services

Republican: Chair Sprague, R., Romanchuk, M., Sears, B.
Democrat: Ranking Member Sykes, E., Antonio, N.

Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education

Republican: Chair Duffey, M., Anielski, M., Perales, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Ramos, D., Boyce, K.

Finance Subcommittee on Primary & Secondary Education

Republican: Chair Cupp, R., Derickson, T., Kunze, S.
Democrat: Ranking Member Phillips, D., Patterson, J.

Finance Subcommittee on Transportation

Republican: Chair Grossman, C., Dovilla, M., Green, D.
Democrat: Ranking Member Reece, A., Clyde, K.

Financial Institutions, Housing & Urban Development

Republican: Chair Terhar, L., Vice Chair Hambley, S., Brenner, A., Brown, T., Dovilla, M., Hackett, B., Reineke, B., Schaffer, T., Sprague, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Bryant Kuhns, C., Craig, H., Leland, D., Smith, K.

Government Accountability & Oversight

Republican: Chair Brown, T., Vice Chair Blessing, L., Buchy, J., Butler, J., Derickson, T., Green, D., McColley, R., Pelanda, D., Smith, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Clyde, K., Curtin, M., Gerberry, R., Leland, D.

Health & Aging

Republican: Chair Gonzales, A., Vice Chair Huffman, S., Brown, T., Butler, J., Duffey, M., Ginter, T., Johnson, T., LaTourette, S., Maag, R., Schuring, K., Sears, B., Sprague, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Antonio, N., Barnes, J., Bishoff, H., Bryant Kuhns, C., Lepore-Hagan, M., Ramos, D., Sykes, E.


Republican: Chair Hackett, B., Vice Chair Henne, M., Brinkman, T., DeVitis, T., Gonzales, A., Kunze, S., Retherford, W.,Roegner, K., Sears, B.
Democrat: Ranking Member Bishoff, H., Ashford, M., Bryant Kuhns, C., Stinziano, M.


Republican: Chair Butler, J., Vice Chair Manning, N., Antani, N., Conditt, M., Cupp, R., Dever, J., McColley, R., Pelanda, D.,Rezabek, J.
Democrat: Ranking Member Stinziano, M., Celebrezze, N., Johnson, G., Sykes, E.

Local Government

Republican: Chair Anielski, M., Vice Chair Ryan, S., Baker, N., Becker, J., Boose, T., Hambley, S., Rezabek, J., Ruhl, M.,Vitale, N.
Democrat: Ranking Member Rogers, J., Ashford, M., Boyd, J., Reece, A.

 Public Utilities

Republican: Chair Schaffer, T., Vice Chair Roegner, K., Amstutz, R., Brinkman, T., Buchy, J., Conditt, M., Cupp, R., Dovilla, M., Ginter, T., Hagan, C., Hall, D., Hill, B., Manning, N., Romanchuk, M., Ryan, S.
Democrat: Ranking Member Ashford, M., Clyde, K., O’Brien, S., Rogers, J., Sheehy, M., Slesnick, S., Smith, K., Stinziano, M.

Rules & Reference

Republican: Chair Amstutz, R., Vice Chair Rosenberger, C., Brenner, A., Grossman, C., Hayes, B., Hood, R., Pelanda, D.,Schuring, K.
Democrat: Ranking Member Strahorn, F., Antonio, N., Boyce, K., Celebrezze, N., Ramos, D.

State Government 

Republican: Chair Maag, R., Vice Chair Kunze, S., Becker, J., Grossman, C., Hackett, B., Hood, R., Huffman, S., LaTourette, S., Perales, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Gerberry, R., Curtin, M., Slesnick, S., Sweeney, M.

Transportation & Infrastructure 

Republican: Chair Boose, T., Vice Chair Green, D., Antani, N., Becker, J., Dever, J., DeVitis, T., Dovilla, M., Johnson, T., Ruhl, M., Vitale, N.
Democrat: Ranking Member Sheehy, M., Howse, S., Johnson, G., Lepore-Hagan, M., Sweeney, M.

Ways & Means 

Republican: Chair McClain, J., Vice Chair Scherer, G., Amstutz, R., Baker, N., Boose, T., Burkley, T., Dever, J., Hambley, S.,Henne, M., McColley, R., Reineke, B., Ryan, S., Schaffer, T., Slaby, M.
Democrat: Ranking Member Cera, J., Barnes, J., Curtin, M., Driehaus, D., Rogers, J., Sheehy, M., Sykes, E.

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Ohio House Committee Leaders Announced

On January 12, 2015 House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Minority Leader Fred Strahorn announced the Chairs, Vice Chairs and Ranking minority members of Ohio House standing committees. The total number of standing committees increased by two.  There is one new committee, Community & Family Advancement and the former Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee was split into an Agriculture & Rural Development Committee and an Energy & Natural Resources Committee.

Here is a list of the House standing committees for the 131st General Assembly along with the Chair, Vice Chair and Ranking Minority member of each:

Agriculture & Rural Development:
Chair: Rep. Brian Hill (R-Zanesville)
Vice chair: Rep. Tony Burkley (R-Payne)
Ranking member: Rep. John Patterson (D-Jefferson)

Armed Services, Veterans Affairs and Public Safety:
Chair: Rep. Terry Johnson (R-McDermott)
Vice chair: Rep. Rick Perales (R-Beavercreek)
Ranking member: Rep. Hearcel Craig (D-Columbus)

Commerce & Labor:
Chair: Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy Township)
Vice chair: Rep. Anthony DeVitis (R-Green)
Ranking member: Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown)

Community & Family Advancement:
Chair: Rep. Tim Derickson (R-Oxford)
Vice chair: Rep. Tim Ginter (R-Salem)
Ranking member: Rep. Stephanie Howse (D-Cleveland)

Community & Family Advancement Subcommittee:
Minoirty Affairs (Chair:  Rep. Kevin Boyce, D-Columbus)

Economic & Workforce Development:
Chair: Rep. Nan Baker (R-Westlake)
Vice chair: Rep. Mark Romanchuk (R-Ontario)
Ranking member: Rep. Kent Smith (D-Euclid)

Chair: Rep. Bill Hayes (R-Harrison Township)
Vice chair: Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell)
Ranking member: Rep. Teresa Fedor (D-Toledo)

Energy & Natural Resources:
Chair: Rep. Al Landis (R-Dover)
Vice chair: Rep. Christina Hagan (R-Alliance)
Ranking member: Rep. Sean O’Brien (D-Bazetta)

Finance & Appropriations:
Chair: Rep. Ryan Smith (R-Bidwell)
Vice chair: Rep. Kirk Schuring (R-Canton)
Ranking member: Rep. Denise Driehaus (D-Cincinnati)

Finance & Appropriations Subcommittees:
Agriculture, Development and Natural Resources (Chair: Rep. Andy Thompson, R-Marietta; Ranking member: Rep. Sean O’Brien, D-Bazetta)
Health and Human Services (Chair: Rep. Robert Sprague, R-Findlay; Ranking member: Rep. Emilia Sykes, D-Akron)
Higher Education (Chair: Rep. Mike Duffey, R-Worthington; Ranking member: Rep. Dan Ramos, D-Lorain)
Transportation (Chair: Rep. Cheryl Grossman, R-Grove City; Ranking member: Rep. Alicia Reece, D-Cincinnati)
Primary and Secondary Education (Chair: Rep. Bob Cupp, R-Lima; Ranking member: Rep. Debbie Phillips, D-Albany)

Financial Institutions, Housing and Urban Development:
Chair: Rep. Lou Terhar (R-Green Township)
Vice chair: Rep. Steve Hambley (R-Brunswick)
Ranking member: Rep. Christie Bryant Kuhns (D-Cincinnati)

Government Accountability & Oversight:
Chair: Rep. Tim Brown (R-Bowling Green)
Vice chair: Rep. Bill Blessing (R-Colerain Township)
Ranking member: Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent)

Health & Aging:
Chair: Rep. Anne Gonzales (R-Westerville)
Vice chair: Rep. Steve Huffman (R-Tipp City)
Ranking member: Rep. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood)

Chair: Rep. Robert Hackett (R-London)
Vice chair: Rep. Mike Henne (R-Clayton)
Ranking member: Rep. Heather Bishoff (D-Blacklick)

Chair: Rep. Jim Butler (R-Oakwood)
Vice chair: Rep. Nathan Manning (R-North Ridgeville)
Ranking member: Rep. Michael Stinziano (D-Columbus)

Local Government:

Chair: Rep. Marlene Anielski (R-Walton Hills)

Vice chair: Rep. Scott Ryan (R-Granville Township)

Ranking member: Rep. John Rogers (D-Mentor-on-the-Lake)

Public Utilities:
Chair: Rep. Tim Schaffer (R-Lancaster)
Vice chair: Rep. Kristina Daley Roegner (R-Hudson)
Ranking member: Rep. Mike Ashford (D-Toledo)

Rules & Reference:
Chair: Rep. Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster)
Vice chair: Speaker Clifford A. Rosenberger (R-Clarksville)
Ranking member: Minority Leader Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton)

State Government:
Chair: Rep. Ron Maag (R-Lebanon)
Vice chair: Rep. Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard)
Ranking member: Rep. Ronald Gerberry (D-Austintown)

Transportation & Infrastructure:
Chair: Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk)
Vice chair: Rep. Doug Green (R-Mt. Orab)
Ranking member: Rep. Michael Sheehy (D-Oregon)

Ways & Means:
Chair: Rep. Jeff McClain (R-Upper Sandusky)
Vice chair: Rep. Gary Scherer (R-Circleville)
Ranking member: Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire)

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Ohio Senate and House Select Leaders

Republican and Democratic caucuses in the Ohio Senate and House have selected their leadership teams for the upcoming 131st Ohio General Assembly.  They will be officially elected when the legislature convenes in January 2015.  Those tapped for leadership positions are as follows:

Ohio Senate

President:  Sen. Keith Faber (R-Celina)

President Pro Tempore:  Sen. Chris Widener (R-Springfield)

Majority Floor Leader:  Sen. Tom Patton (R-Strongsville)

Majority Whip:  Sen. Larry Obhof (R-Medina)

Minority Leader:  Sen. Joe Schiavoni (D-Boardman)

Minority Whip:  Sen. Edna Brown (D-Toledo)

Assistant Minority Whip:  Lou Gentile (D-Steubenville)

Assistant Minority Leader:  Charleta Tavares (D-Columbus)

Ohio House

Speaker:  Rep. Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville)

Speaker Pro Tem:  Rep. Ron Amstutz (R-Wooster)

Majority Leader:  Rep. Barbara Sears (R-Maumee)

Assistant Majority Floor Leader:  Rep. Jim Buchy (R-Greenville)

Majority Whip:  Rep. Mike Dovilla (R-Berea)

Assistant Majority Whip:  Rep. Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville)

Minority Leader:  Rep. Fred Strahorn (D-Dayton)

Assistant Minority Leader:  Rep. Nicholas Celebrezze (D-Parma)

Minority Whip:  Rep. Kevin Boyce (D-Columbus)

Assistant Minority Whip:  Rep. Nickie Antonio (D-Lakewood)

Ohio Citizens for the Arts (OCA) looks forward to working with these legislative leaders to increase public support of the arts in Ohio.

If you are an “Arts Advocate” and would like to become part of this powerful network, visit OCA’s membership page.

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The Arts are a Driving Force in Lancaster, Ohio

Posted by: Linda Woggon on July 28, 2014

In communities across Ohio, the arts are helping increase quality of life and drive economic development. Last week I had the good fortune of observing this in Lancaster, Ohio.

Barbara Hunzicker, a member of the Ohio Citizens for the Arts Board of Directors and one of Lancaster’s biggest arts advocates, was the perfect person to accompany me to the Edith Head exhibit. Barbara was instrumental in bringing this outstanding exhibit to Lancaster and it could not reside in a more beautiful place, the Decorative Arts Center of Ohio where Barbara is chairperson of exhibits.

Edith Head is one of the most recognizable names in film fashion history, earning 35 Academy Award nominations over her 60-year career. The costumes in this exhibition represent an amazing cross-section of films produced between 1937 and 1967. The exhibit was curated by Randall Thropp and has been outside of Hollywood only on one other occasion. It runs through August 17 and is well worth a visit.

Barbara and I also visited with art advocate Trisha Clifford-Sprouse, the Decorative Arts Center’s Education Director. She showed us the Wendel Center for Art Education. Drawing students of all ages, it is popularly referred to as “The Garage”, because it was formerly the carriage house of the residence that became the Decorative Arts Center. During our visit we were able to observe a class of four children paint self-portraits. We definitely saw some budding talent in “The Garage” that day! Back on the first floor of the Center another group of children were learning about jazz from the legendary Arnett Howard.

I spent the second part of my visit with David Scheffler, another strong advocate for the arts, David is an award-winning fine arts photographer. His studio is in downtown Lancaster and his work can be found at Art & Clay on Main and the Fairfield Heritage Association Georgian Museum.

We began our look at the arts scene with a tour of the outdoor sculptures located throughout the downtown. These sculptures are very special because they were created by area students. The students are mentored by well-known Lancaster sculptor, Ric Liechliter as they design and build their steel sculptures. Each sculpture is displayed downtown for public viewing then goes back to the school where it was created for permanent display. What a unique way to teach art in the schools and supply public art for the community!

We also visited the Ohio Glass Museum, watched a glass blower at work, and stopped in at Blue Shoe Arts. Blue Shoe is an accessible studio for artists with developmental disabilities. Each artist explores their own creative style in whatever medium they desire and the art is professionally displayed for sale at the gallery.

There is nothing better than seeing how the arts are helping to drive economic development and quality of life in Ohio communities. Thank you Barbara, David and all of Lancaster’s arts advocates!

Linda Woggon is Executive Director of Ohio Citizens for the Arts.

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2014 Alene Valkanas State Arts Advocacy Award Winner

Donna S. Collins currently serves as Executive Director of Ohio Citizens for the Arts (OCA) and the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education (OAAE) with offices in Columbus, Ohio. As a leader in the advocacy and arts education fields, Collins has had the opportunity to work extensively with national, statewide, and local organizations. Through Collins’ leadership OAAE and OCA, both statewide not for profits, maintain strong relationships with Ohio’s statewide agencies and professional organizations to support the arts and arts education. Through these partnerships, Collins has helped to foster a diverse community of arts advocates, educators, artists, and professional organizations which cultivate local, statewide, and national initiatives and actions that directly impact children, families, communities, and the creative economy in and through the arts.

In February, 2014 the Ohio Arts Council (OAC) Board selected Collins as the new OAC executive director. Collins will succeed current OAC executive director Julie S. Henahan, who is retiring in July 2014 after 30 years of service to the agency.

Donna and her husband, Howard, have three sons: TJ, Joshua (Deidre), and Ryan. They are blessed with a grandgirl, Cierra, who is 9, and a grandboy, Chance, who is 4. The family lives in Glenford, Ohio and is actively involved in volunteer efforts to support the arts and arts education.

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