Senate Standing Committees

On January 23, 2015, Senate President Keith Faber made the following appointments to the Senate Standing Committees:

Agriculture: Republicans:  Hite (Chair), Uecker (Vice Chair), Beagle, Burke, Gardner, Manning, and Peterson  Democrats: Gentile (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Skindell

Civil Justice: Republicans:  Bacon (Chair), Oelslager (Vice Chair), Coley, Eklund, Hughes, Obhof and Seitz  Democrats: Skindell (Ranking Member), Brown and Thomas

Criminal Justice: Republicans:  Eklund (Chair), Obhof (Vice Chair), Bacon, Hughes, Lehner, Seitz and Uecker  Democrats: Thomas (Ranking Member), Skindell, and Williams

Education: Republicans:  Lehner (Chair), Hite (Vice Chair), Balderson, Coley, Gardner, Jordan, Manning, Peterson, and Widener  Democrats: Sawyer (Ranking Member), Thomas, Williams and Yuko

Energy & Natural Resources: Republicans:  Balderson (Chair), Jones (Vice Chair), Gardner, Hite, Hottinger, Patton, Seitz, and Uecker  Democrats:  Gentile (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Williams

Finance: Republicans:  Oelslager (Chair), Coley (Vice Chair), Beagle, Burke, Gardner, Hughes, LaRose, Patton, and Peterson  Democrats: Skindell (Ranking Member), Gentile, Sawyer, and Tavares

Finance Subcommittee on General Government: Republicans:  Jordan (Chair), Eklund, Jones and Peterson. Democrats: Gentile (Vice Chair) and Skindell

Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education: Republicans:  Gardner (Chair), Bacon, Hughes, and Manning. Democrats: Cafaro (Vice Chair) and Thomas

Finance Subcommittee on Education: Republicans:  Hite (Chair), Balderson, Beagle, Coley and Lehner. Democrats: Sawyer (Vice Chair), Thomas and Yuko

Finance Subcommittee on Corrections: Republicans:  Uecker (Chair), Obhof, Patton, and Seitz  Democrats: Brown (Vice Chair) and Tavares

Finance Subcommittee on Workforce: Republicans:  Beagle (Chair), Hottinger, LaRose and Widener  Democrats: Williams (Vice Chair) and Yuko

Financial Institutions: Republicans:  Hughes (Chair), Eklund (Vice Chair), Bacon, Beagle, Burke, Hottinger, LaRose and Obhof  Democrats: Yuko (Ranking Member), Gentile and Thomas.

Government Oversight & Reform: Republicans:  Coley (Chair), Seitz (Vice Chair), Balderson, Burke, Jordan, LaRose, Obhof, Patton and Widener. Democrats: Yuko (Ranking Member), Brown and Skindell.

Health & Human Services: Republicans:  Jones (Chair), Lehner (Vice Chair), Beagle, Gardner, Hite, Hottinger, Manning and Oelslager  Democrats: Tavares (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Williams.

Insurance: Republicans:  Hottinger (Chair), Bacon (Vice Chair), Balderson, Beagle, Hughes, Jones,LaRose, Manning and Peterson  Democrats: Brown (Ranking Member), Gentile, Thomas and Williams

Medicaid: Republicans:  Burke (Chair), Manning (Vice Chair), Coley, Jones, Jordan, Lehner and Widener  Democrats: Cafaro (Ranking Member), Brown and Tavares

Public Utilities: Republicans:  Seitz (Chair), Balderson (Vice Chair), Bacon, Eklund, Hite, Patton, Peterson and Uecker  Democrats: Williams (Ranking Member), Sawyer and Tavares

Rules & Reference: Republicans:  Faber (Chair), Widener (Vice Chair), Burke, Coley, Hite, Hughes, Manning, Obhof, Oelslager and Patton  Democrats: Schiavoni (Ranking Member), Brown, Gentile and Tavares

State & Local Government: Republicans:  LaRose (Chair), Hottinger (Vice Chair), Hughes, Jones, Jordan, Peterson, Seitz and Uecker  Democrats: Thomas (Ranking Member), Brown and Yuko

Transportation, Commerce & Labor: Republicans: Manning (Chair), Senator Patton (Vice Chair), Bacon, Eklund, Hottinger, LaRose and Uecker  Democrats: Cafaro (Ranking Member), Brown, Gentile and Yuko

Ways & Means: Republicans: Senator Peterson (Chair), Beagle (Vice Chair), Eklund, Hite, Jordan, Obhof and Widener  Democrats: Tavares (Ranking Member), Cafaro and Williams

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