On January 21, 2015, Speaker Cliff Rosenberger made the following appointments to the House Standing Committees.

Agriculture & Rural Development

Republican: Chair Hill, B., Vice Chair Burkley, T., Boose, T., Buchy, J., Hagan, C., Kraus, S., LaTourette, S., Retherford, W.,Rezabek, J., Ruhl, M., Schaffer, T., Thompson, A., Vitale, N., Zeltwanger, P.
Democrat: Ranking Member Patterson, J., Cera, J., O’Brien, M., O’Brien, S., Patmon, B., Phillips, D., Sheehy, M.

Armed Services, Veterans Affairs & Public Safety 

Republican: Chair Johnson, T., Vice Chair Perales, R., Anielski, M., Kraus, S., Landis, A., Retherford, W., Terhar, L., Vitale, N., Young, R., Zeltwanger, P.                   Democrat: Ranking Member Craig, H., Bishoff, H., Fedor, T., Johnson, G., O’Brien, M

Commerce & Labor 

Republican: Chair Young, R., Vice Chair DeVitis, T., Blessing, L., Brinkman, T., Duffey, M., Hood, R., Koehler, K., Landis, A.,Pelanda, D., Roegner, K.
Democrat: Ranking Member Lepore-Hagan, M., Fedor, T., Reece, A., Slesnick, S., Sweeney, M.

Community & Family Advancement

Republican: Chair Derickson, T., Vice Chair Ginter, T., Antani, N., Conditt, M., Dever, J., Hagan, C., Hayes, B., Hood, R.,McClain, J., Young, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Howse, S., Boyce, K., Boyd, J., Lepore-Hagan, M., Patmon, B.

Community & Family Advancement Sub.: Minority Affairs

Republican: Antani, N., Conditt, M., Dever, J.
Democrat: Chair Boyce, K., Patmon, B.

Economic & Workforce Development 

Republican: Chair Baker, N., Vice Chair Romanchuk, M., Antani, N., Koehler, K., Kraus, S., Perales, R., Ryan, S., Young, R.,Zeltwanger, P.
Democrat: RMM Smith, K., Barnes, J., Craig, H., Driehaus, D.


Republican: Chair Hayes, B., Vice Chair Brenner, A., Blessing, L., Cupp, R., Derickson, T., Henne, M., Huffman, S., Koehler, K., Manning, N., Roegner, K., Slaby, M., Smith, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Fedor, T., Boyd, J., Patmon, B., Patterson, J., Phillips, D., Ramos, D., Smith, K.

Energy & Natural Resources

Republican: Chair Landis, A., Vice Chair Hagan, C., Grossman, C., Hall, D., Hill, B., Maag, R., Slaby, M., Terhar, L.,Thompson, A.
Democrat: Ranking Member O’Brien, S., Cera, J., Howse, S., Leland, D.

Finance & Appropriations

Republican: Chair Smith, R., Vice Chair Schuring, K., Anielski, M., Burkley, T., Cupp, R., Derickson, T., Dovilla, M., Duffey, M., Green, D., Grossman, C., Hall, D., Kunze, S., Maag, R., McClain, J., Perales, R., Reineke, B., Romanchuk, M.,Scherer, G., Sears, B., Sprague, R., Thompson, A.
Democrat: Ranking Member Driehaus, D., Antonio, N., Boyce, K., Cera, J., Clyde, K., O’Brien, M., Patterson, J., Phillips, D.,Ramos, D., Reece, A., Sykes, E.

Finance Subcommittee on Agriculture, Development & Natural Resources

Republican: Chair Thompson, A., Burkley, T., Hall, D.
Democrat: Ranking Minority O’Brien, M., Cera, J.

Finance Subcommittee on Health & Human Services

Republican: Chair Sprague, R., Romanchuk, M., Sears, B.
Democrat: Ranking Member Sykes, E., Antonio, N.

Finance Subcommittee on Higher Education

Republican: Chair Duffey, M., Anielski, M., Perales, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Ramos, D., Boyce, K.

Finance Subcommittee on Primary & Secondary Education

Republican: Chair Cupp, R., Derickson, T., Kunze, S.
Democrat: Ranking Member Phillips, D., Patterson, J.

Finance Subcommittee on Transportation

Republican: Chair Grossman, C., Dovilla, M., Green, D.
Democrat: Ranking Member Reece, A., Clyde, K.

Financial Institutions, Housing & Urban Development

Republican: Chair Terhar, L., Vice Chair Hambley, S., Brenner, A., Brown, T., Dovilla, M., Hackett, B., Reineke, B., Schaffer, T., Sprague, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Bryant Kuhns, C., Craig, H., Leland, D., Smith, K.

Government Accountability & Oversight

Republican: Chair Brown, T., Vice Chair Blessing, L., Buchy, J., Butler, J., Derickson, T., Green, D., McColley, R., Pelanda, D., Smith, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Clyde, K., Curtin, M., Gerberry, R., Leland, D.

Health & Aging

Republican: Chair Gonzales, A., Vice Chair Huffman, S., Brown, T., Butler, J., Duffey, M., Ginter, T., Johnson, T., LaTourette, S., Maag, R., Schuring, K., Sears, B., Sprague, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Antonio, N., Barnes, J., Bishoff, H., Bryant Kuhns, C., Lepore-Hagan, M., Ramos, D., Sykes, E.


Republican: Chair Hackett, B., Vice Chair Henne, M., Brinkman, T., DeVitis, T., Gonzales, A., Kunze, S., Retherford, W.,Roegner, K., Sears, B.
Democrat: Ranking Member Bishoff, H., Ashford, M., Bryant Kuhns, C., Stinziano, M.


Republican: Chair Butler, J., Vice Chair Manning, N., Antani, N., Conditt, M., Cupp, R., Dever, J., McColley, R., Pelanda, D.,Rezabek, J.
Democrat: Ranking Member Stinziano, M., Celebrezze, N., Johnson, G., Sykes, E.

Local Government

Republican: Chair Anielski, M., Vice Chair Ryan, S., Baker, N., Becker, J., Boose, T., Hambley, S., Rezabek, J., Ruhl, M.,Vitale, N.
Democrat: Ranking Member Rogers, J., Ashford, M., Boyd, J., Reece, A.

 Public Utilities

Republican: Chair Schaffer, T., Vice Chair Roegner, K., Amstutz, R., Brinkman, T., Buchy, J., Conditt, M., Cupp, R., Dovilla, M., Ginter, T., Hagan, C., Hall, D., Hill, B., Manning, N., Romanchuk, M., Ryan, S.
Democrat: Ranking Member Ashford, M., Clyde, K., O’Brien, S., Rogers, J., Sheehy, M., Slesnick, S., Smith, K., Stinziano, M.

Rules & Reference

Republican: Chair Amstutz, R., Vice Chair Rosenberger, C., Brenner, A., Grossman, C., Hayes, B., Hood, R., Pelanda, D.,Schuring, K.
Democrat: Ranking Member Strahorn, F., Antonio, N., Boyce, K., Celebrezze, N., Ramos, D.

State Government 

Republican: Chair Maag, R., Vice Chair Kunze, S., Becker, J., Grossman, C., Hackett, B., Hood, R., Huffman, S., LaTourette, S., Perales, R.
Democrat: Ranking Member Gerberry, R., Curtin, M., Slesnick, S., Sweeney, M.

Transportation & Infrastructure 

Republican: Chair Boose, T., Vice Chair Green, D., Antani, N., Becker, J., Dever, J., DeVitis, T., Dovilla, M., Johnson, T., Ruhl, M., Vitale, N.
Democrat: Ranking Member Sheehy, M., Howse, S., Johnson, G., Lepore-Hagan, M., Sweeney, M.

Ways & Means 

Republican: Chair McClain, J., Vice Chair Scherer, G., Amstutz, R., Baker, N., Boose, T., Burkley, T., Dever, J., Hambley, S.,Henne, M., McColley, R., Reineke, B., Ryan, S., Schaffer, T., Slaby, M.
Democrat: Ranking Member Cera, J., Barnes, J., Curtin, M., Driehaus, D., Rogers, J., Sheehy, M., Sykes, E.

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