A Message from Marc D. Folk, President, Ohio Citizens for the Arts

Dear Arts Advocates:
On behalf of the Board of the Ohio Citizens of the Arts I am delighted to thank you for your efforts to increase public funding for arts and culture through the Ohio Arts Council.  YOU have been successful!  Due to your tireless efforts and the understanding of the undeniable value of the arts by our elected officials we have seen a 31.9% increase in state funding for the arts at $22,698,408 for FY 2014-2015. 
I want to extend my sincere appreciation to each and every one of you for stepping up and actively participating in advocating for the arts.  Our elected officials heard about the powerful impact of the arts from every corner of the state, from grass roots to grass tops.  Your sharing of the stories of how the support of the Ohio Arts Council positively impacts the quality of life and economy of your local community made all the difference.  THANK YOU!
I’d like to extend a special note of appreciation to Donna Collins, OCA Executive Director, Bill Blair our Legislative Counsel and Janelle Hallet our Members Service Coordinator.  Their extraordinary and focused work brings all of our voices together and amplifies the message of the importance of public funding of the arts to the General Assembly and Governor.
We have much to celebrate and yet much to do.  Like many things in our field, arts advocacy needs year round attention.  We encourage you to personally reach out to your House and Senate members, as well as the Governor, and express your gratitude for the increased funding for arts and culture through the Ohio Arts Council.  Take the next step and invite your elected leaders to Ohio Arts Council supported programs and events in their communities, and give them the opportunity to see the powerful impact of the arts at home.
Lastly, I ask you to encourage your friends and colleagues to become members of the Ohio Citizens for the Arts.  We are a 100% membership driven organization.  Each and every membership extends our work and empowers our ability to advocate and grow public support of the arts.
Again, it is with great and sincere gratitude that we thank you! The Arts in Ohio are stronger due to your individual and collective efforts.  THANK YOU!
Marc D. Folk
Ohio Citizens for the Arts
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