The Ohio House of Representatives presented House Substitute Bill (SB) 59 this week.  The bill includes an additional $1.7 million ($850,000 in each year of the biennium) in the subsidy category (grants) for the Ohio Arts Council’s budget.  This is great news and we owe a message of gratitude to many people!


Ohio Citizens for the Arts extends its congratulations and appreciation to arts advocates across the state who made contact with their Ohio House of Representative members in support of public funding for the arts.  Data reveals thousands of contacts through in-person meetings, phone calls, and emails – all of which have had a positive impact on our advocacy efforts.


We want to thank and acknowledge Speaker Batchelder (R, Medina), Rep. Amstutz (R, Wooster) Finance and Appropriations Chair, and Rep. Rosenberger (R, Clarksville) Higher Education Chair, and members of their committees for their positive support for arts and culture through the Ohio Arts Council’s budget appropriation.


It is the outstanding and far reaching work carried out by individuals and organizations in the arts and culture sector, coupled with their work in arts education, which makes it possible for Ohio’s elected officials to want to provide funding for our sector. The work you do is evidence of the return on investment.


The Ohio House of Representatives is now considering House SB 59 and we anticipate action on the Bill by April 18th.  At this time we ask, that if you have not already done so, that you reach out to your member of the Ohio House of Representatives using the link below:


Bill Blair

Legislative CounselDonna CollinsExecutive DirectorOhio Citizens for the Arts
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