Provision of Sales Taxability of Services Included in JOBS Budget 2.0

Governor Kasich’s JOBS Budget 2.0 includes a provision of sales taxability of services. For the arts this means that the proposed Executive Budget includes language that seeks to collect a state sales tax on admission to cultural events at a rate of 5%. 

There are 18 categories, with 82 line items, included in the proposed effort to collect additional sales tax. The categories range from Agricultural Services to Fabrication, Installation, and Repair Services and include line items such as pet grooming to dating services to a wide-range of admissions and amusements.

Ohio Citizens for the Arts has already been in contact with many arts leaders who join us in our concern about the impact of the proposed state sales tax on admission to cultural events. We are in the process of convening an ad hoc committee to review the pending legislation, strategize to determine a plan of action and talking points, and communicate with the field with a unified voice, including talking points and the ways you can support our efforts to have the proposal reversed before we are too far into the budget process. We would be happy to hear from you about the impact this new tax would have on your institutions. Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

As more information becomes available we will be in contact with you.

Thank you,

William P. Blair
Legislative Counsel
Ohio Citizens for the Arts

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