Seeking Nominations for Ohio Citizens for the Arts Board

The Nominating Committee for Ohio Citizens for the Arts needs your help in securing names and contact information for potential candidates to serve as leaders on the Board of Directors.

An Ohio Citizens for the Arts’ Board of Directors member serves one three-year term and must be a member of the organization. Other responsibilities include attendance and participation in four Board meetings each year, serving on a committee or task force, and participating in activities of the organization including membership development and Arts Day.

Members of the Nominating Committee (Mary Gimpel, Cincinnati; Jeff Strayer, Canton; and Nancy Recchie, Columbus) will be looking for geographic distribution of members, representation of arts organizations, artists, business leaders, civic leaders, and citizens with an interest in supporting the mission of Ohio Citizens for the Arts: Established in 1976, Ohio Citizens for the Arts is a volunteer, nonprofit grass roots organization working to increase public support of the arts in Ohio.

Please participate in the nominating process by providing us with potential candidates as your personal recommendation. Please respond by October 19, 2012. Your suggestions should be sent to us by email, or by fax at 614.241.5329, or by US mail at OCA, 77 South High Street, 2nd floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108.

Provide the following information for each individual you are recommending:

Mailing Address:
Telephone Number:
Email Address:
Profession or connection to the arts:

We would also like to you to provide a sentence or two about the strengths of this individual and what assets they will bring as a Board member of the Ohio Citizens for the Arts, if slated and elected.

Please note that only those recommendations providing all the information requested will be considered by the Nominating Committee.

Thank you for your participation and interest in supporting the arts in Ohio! If you have questions feel free to call Donna Collins at 614.221.4064.

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