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Ohio boasts a wealth of talented artists, arts institutions, and people who support them. What better way to show your appreciation for those who support and work on behalf of the arts in Ohio than to nominate them for an award?

The Ohio Arts Council is now accepting online nominations for the 2013 Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Ohio. The annual awards are given to Ohio individuals and organizations in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the arts statewide, regionally and nationally. Awards are given for Arts Administration, Arts Education, Arts Patron, Business Support of the Arts, Community Development & Participation and Individual Artist.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 12, 2012 at 5:00 PM.

Nominations will be accepted online only. A complete explanation of the nomination process is available on the 2013 Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Ohio and Arts Day Luncheon website. For more information about the Governor’s Awards nomination process, please contact Karine Aswad at 614/728-4445 or\.

The 2013 Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Ohio and Arts Day Luncheon, presented by the Ohio Arts Council and Ohio Citizens for the Arts Foundation, will be held on Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at noon at the Columbus Athenaeum in downtown Columbus. Tickets are $50 and include lunch and a dessert reception. All proceeds go to the Ohio Citizens for the Arts Foundation. Winners will receive an original work of art by Ohio painter Susan Danko at a public ceremony during the luncheon.

The Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Ohio and Arts Day Luncheon will be held in conjunction with Arts Day 2013. Arts Day is a daylong event demonstrating public value and support for the arts is sponsored by the Ohio Citizens for the Arts Foundation. The day will include an arts advocacy briefing, legislative visits, arts showcase, Statehouse tours, and student exhibitions. For more information on Arts Day 2013, visit or call 614/221-4064.

Arts Day was created to foster a greater awareness of the value of the arts in Ohio. Citizens are encouraged to participate in Arts Day by visiting with their state legislators and communicating the need for public support of the arts and arts education. Each year on Arts Day, the Capitol is filled with arts supporters sharing the importance of the arts in their communities.

The 2013 Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Ohio and Arts Day Luncheon are presented in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and Ohio Government Telecommunications.

Exciting Dayton: Three Way Merger of Classical Arts Organizations

As of July 1 the Dayton (Ohio) Philharmonic Orchestra, Dayton Ballet, and Dayton Opera, have merged to create the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance. The combining of efforts is intended to create a more dynamic and cost effective classical arts scene in Dayton with more collaborative and innovative arts programming.

For instance, this year the Dayton Ballet will be able to perform “The Nutcracker Ballet” to the live orchestration of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. The new Alliance board chair Jeremy Trahan, who used to chair the ballet board, says, “We’re positively the first in the nation to do this…word has been getting out and we’ve seen news articles from other cities facing financial crises that mention what’s happening in Dayton. They’re watching what Dayton is doing.” The new Alliance board has 39 members.

All three of these organizations have been struggling in an environment of declining resources. Paul Helfrich, formerly the president of the Philharmonic and now the president and CEO of the Alliance, said that a factor in the merger was the forgiveness of debt by lenders to the organizations.

Just because they are getting hitched does not mean that the groups will lose their individual profile. Each organization will keep its own identity and gifts can be designated to donors’ favorite groups. They also each have their own artistic director: Neal Gittleman for the Philharmonic, Karen Russo for the Ballet, and Thomas Bankston for the Opera.

The Dayton Foundation is supporting the effort with a pledge of $500,000 and an anonymous donor has given $750,000.

Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

Montgomery County, Ohio’s Board of Commissioners Receive 2012 National Award for County Arts Leadership from Americans for the Arts and The National Association of Counties

Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education, in conjunction with the National Association of Counties (NACo) will present the 2012 National Award for County Arts Leadership to Montgomery County, OH’s Board of Commissioners. The board will receive its award today at NACo’s annual conference, which is being held this year in Pittsburgh.

The Board of County Commissioners of Montgomery County, OH has continued to support the arts even during economically tough times. In its 2010 strategic planning, the Commissioners stated that “amenities are essential including: recreation, arts and culture, festivals and family-based activities.” In their plan they committed to securing resources to continue to fund arts and cultural programs and to work with the City of Dayton to revive the urban core with a particular emphasis on creating a sense of place while attracting and retaining the creative class.

They are the sole funder (more than $24 million) of the Montgomery County Arts and Cultural District, and they are the sole owners of two historic buildings: The Old Courthouse and Memorial Hall, operated through a public-private partnership with Dayton History, Montgomery County’s official historical organization. In addition, they lead a comprehensive cultural plan which called for the funding of the county’s visual arts, ballet, opera, theatre, museums, performing arts, folk arts, dance, symphony, public radio, television, arts education and historic preservation; the creation of Culture Works (the merger of the local arts council and the united arts fund); the construction of the Metropolitan Arts Center, which houses several small and mid-size arts organizations; and the building of the state-of-the-art Schuster Performing Arts Center.

“The Board of County Commissioners in Montgomery County are dedicated leaders with an exemplary record of supporting the arts,” said Robert L. Lynch, president and CEO of Americans for the Arts. “Their continued efforts to support the arts are a testament to their understanding of the value the arts bring to communities.”

“Montgomery County has long recognized the importance of arts and culture, not only for the quality of life for our citizens, but also for the impact these activities have in attracting and retaining businesses and jobs,” said Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman. “To be recognized with the National Award for Public Leadership in the Arts is truly an honor and a testament to our continued financial support of our major arts organizations and hundreds of individuals that have brought increased value to our community through assistance from the Montgomery County Arts & Cultural District.”

The National Award for County Arts Leadership honors an elected county board or individual leader who has significantly advanced the arts in the communities they serve. Americans for the Arts established the award in 1999 to recognize the positive role county government leaders play in improving arts programs, increasing funding to the arts and making the arts accessible in their communities.

Source: Americans for the Arts

Ohio Arts Council Approves 455 Grants Totaling $7.8 million

At a public meeting on June 21, 2012, the OAC board approved the first round of grants for fiscal year 2013 and grant ratifications for fiscal year 2012. As a result, the OAC will award 455 grants totaling $7,870,213 to support arts organizations, arts programs and artists across Ohio. These awards have not been previously announced. For FY2012, the OAC awarded 534 grants totaling $6,495,874.

Organizations that receive OAC funds are required to match state tax dollars with additional public and private funds. In general, for every state tax dollar invested, $84 is raised in matching funds by recipient organizations.

For more information specific to this round of grant announcements, download the following PDF file: a by-city list of grants awarded in this round.

Sustainability Program
The Sustainability Program provides two-year grants for organizational operating support. This program supports Ohio organizations that plan and conduct ongoing arts programs for either a full year of programming or a recurring single project or activity. The program supports organizations that offer broad-based arts programming in any discipline (i.e., performing arts, literature, traditional arts, visual arts, etc.) that is produced and presented by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations, other nonprofit or government entities, and colleges or universities that offer arts programming.

A total of $4,245,000 was awarded to thirty-eight (38) of Ohio’s major arts institutions with budgets of more than $1.5 million. And the OAC board approved 225 grants for a total of $2,766,708 for organizations with budgets of less than $1.5 million.

Arts Access
Thirty-six (36) Arts Access grants were approved totaling $95,269. The Arts Access program provides two-year grants for organizational operating support for Ohio organizations with budgets under $30,000 that plan and conduct ongoing arts programs.

Arts Learning – Arts Partnership
Thirty-nine (39) Arts Partnership grants were awarded totaling $448,404. The program provides one- or two-year grants to support activities that enhance the quality of and access to learning in the arts for learners of all ages, backgrounds, experience levels and abilities.

Arts Learning – Artist in Residence
The Artist in Residence Program (AIR) awarded twenty (20) grants for a total of $44,000. AIR places accomplished, professional artists in a variety of educational and community settings.

Individual Creativity – Traditional Arts Apprenticeships
Six (6) Traditional Arts Apprenticeships were approved totaling $20,267. The program provides support for a master artist and one or more apprentices to work together in an intensive individual study program that preserves the traditional art forms of Ohio residents. Examples of traditional arts include, but are not limited to: Polish paper cutting, blues music, stone carving, Appalachian fiddling, embroidery, African dance, icon painting, Irish step dancing, woodcarving, Chicano corridor singing, quilting, tamburitza music and polka.

Grant Award Ratification’s
Ratification’s are the boards final approval of funds allocated in various program areas since the March 8, 2012 board meeting. The board ratified 12 grants from 2012 totaling $108,830. These awards have not been announced previously.

The 2012 ratifications included:
Eight (8) Special Organization grants totaling $105,830
Four (4) Special Individual grants totaling $3,000
Grant information dating back to FY1998, is searchable on the Ohio Arts Councils website.

Grant applications were reviewed this past winter and spring by panels of arts experts and Ohio Arts Council staff. The OAC board, currently consisting of 13 gubernatorial appointees and four nonvoting members from the Ohio legislature, makes final decisions based on panel recommendations.

Source: Ohio Arts Council

Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America

The Business Committee for the Arts (BCA), a division of Americans for the Arts, has announced the BCA 10: Best Companies Supporting the Arts in America for 2012.

The BCA recognizes businesses of all sizes for their exceptional involvement with the arts that enrich the workplace, education, and the community. These companies set the standard of excellence and serve as role models for others to follow.

This year’s honorees are:
Alltech, Inc., Nicholasville, KY
Bank of America, Charlotte, NC
Chaves Consulting, Inc., Baker City, OR
Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Oklahoma City, OK
Earl Swensson Associates, Inc., Nashville, TN
First Community Bank, Corpus Christi, TX
Golden Artist Colors, Inc., New Berlin, NY
Jackson and Company, Houston, TX
MASCO Corporation, Taylor, MI
Tampa Bay Times, St. Petersburg, FL
Hall of Fame
The Boeing Company, Chicago, IL

The ceremony will take place on October 4, 2012 at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City.

Source: Americans for the Arts

Host a Creative Conversation This Fall

Every October, in honor of National Arts & Humanities Month, Americans for the Arts partners with arts and community leaders from across the country to host Creative Conversations. Last year, more than 1,800 individuals participated in 52 locally hosted Creative Conversations throughout the country. Those leaders continue to be engaged at the national level.

What are Creative Conversations?

Creative Conversations are local gatherings of engaged citizens in communities across the country and are part of a grassroots movement to elevate the profile of arts in America during National Arts & Humanities Month every October. Started in 2004 as a program of The Emerging Leaders Network, Americans for the Arts is now expanding the scope of the event to invite all arts leaders and interested individuals to participate. Some of these local convenings have grown into cohesive, organized emerging leader networks, been the catalyst for the development of community wide cultural plans, and helped to shape local arts advocacy by connecting the cultural sector with the business community and political leadership. This local tool empowers arts administrators to take a leadership role in their own community by both designing programming and galvanizing their peers to connect professionally.

Creative Conversations and the Arts Action Fund
In 2012, Creative Conversations are once again partnering with the Arts Action Fund to generate increased energy around the grassroots movement to elevate the profile of the arts in America. By hosting and/or participating in a Creative Conversation, you will automatically receive Free Advocate membership to the Arts Action Fund at no cost what so ever. Members of the Arts Action Fund receive timely action alerts and the electronic version of the quarterly Arts Action News publication by e-mail. If you do not wish to receive these updates, you have the option to unsubscribe at any time. Thanks for your support of the Arts Action Fund, the nation’s largest grassroots advocacy network advancing the arts on both the electoral and legislative landscapes to promote more vibrant and livable communities throughout the country.

To find out more visit the Americans for the Arts website.

Suggested Reading

State Arts Agency Legislative Appropriations Preview Fiscal Year 2013: This report provides a forecast of state government funding for the arts in the year ahead as budgets for fiscal year 2013 are being enacted and national funding trends are beginning to emerge. Please note that this is preliminary information. As of this publication date, some state arts agencies’ allocations have yet to be finalized, and many states will revisit enacted budgets in the coming months in order to adjust for shifting revenue and expense conditions.

Reaching Out to Diverse Donors: Pitfalls to Avoid: While America’s demographics are changing quickly, charities are not adjusting fast enough to the changes, says Diana Cardenas, a New York marketing consultant who works with nonprofits. Ms. Cardenas, a Colombian by birth, said nonprofit organizations should take several steps before attempting to raise money or communicate with people from different cultures.

Evaluating Programs? Ask Clients What They Think: Nonprofits need to get a lot better at asking clients what they think – and acting on the information they receive, says Peter York, director of research for TCC Group, a management-consulting company that advises charities. Information from beneficiaries can help organizations improve their programs and spark new ideas for fighting tough problems.

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