Thank You from Jeff Rich, Ohio Arts Council Chair

Bravo! On behalf of the Board and staff at the Ohio Arts Council I extend my heartfelt appreciation to you and every single arts advocate in our great state!  Throughout the budget process you have positively responded to correspondence and calls to action from Ohio Citizens for the Arts.  Your advocacy efforts have resulted in a FY 2012-2013 budget of $17,211,408 for the Ohio Arts Council, with nearly 82% of this funding being awarded to artists and arts organizations. Thank you.

In brief, the FY2012-2013 budget of $17,211,408 reflects a 62.1% increase over the proposed Executive budget ($10,611,408 in March) and a 30.5% increase over the current biennium ($13,188,580 – FY 2010-2011).  We have all been part of a well executed and strategic advocacy effort.  Everyone played their part and worked as a team. Everyone spoke with a united voice about the artistic excellence, the cultural vibrancy, and the great economic impact of the arts to Ohio and its citizens. Thank you.

As Chair of the Ohio Arts Council it is my pleasure to salute you and thank you for supporting the arts in Ohio!


Jeffrey A. Rich, Chair

Ohio Arts Council

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