Ohio Arts Presenters Network’s Young Artist Initiative

With the addition of the Ohio Arts Presenters Network (OAPN) Young Artist Initiative (YAI), Ohio’s most promising young artists will be celebrated by and introduced to OAPN’s role in the development of Ohio’s arts communities. Categories include: Dance, Music, Young Audience and Theatre & Beyond. One entrant from each category will be chosen by an adjudication panel as a YAI Selected Artist. Of these four selected artists, one will be chosen as the YAI Featured Artist and will be invited to perform during the Opening Dinner/Awards Ceremony at the 2011 OAPN Annual Showcase Conference in Columbus, Ohio on Monday, October 24. This will give the artist an opportunity to be seen by presenters from all over the state of Ohio and allow an inside look at the business side of being a performing artist.

Obligations of OAPN to all YAI applicants:

OAPN will…

  •  Give each individual or group a one year Young Artist Membership to OAPN
  • Give each individual or group comments and feedback on their application and support materials
  • List each individual or group’s contact information in the 2011 OAPN Annual Showcase Conference/Membership Directory

Obligations of OAPN to the chosen YAI Featured Artist:

OAPN will…

  • Cover basic technical needs for the ten minute showcase
  • Provide  a complimentary dinner for the individual or group at the Opening Dinner/Awards Ceremony to be held at the 2011 OAPN Annual Showcase Conference in Columbus
  • Promote the showcase on the OAPN Website, press releases and other media sources

Obligations of the chosen YAI Featured Artist:

YAI Featured Artist must…

  • Be able to perform a ten minute showcase at the Opening Dinner/Awards Ceremony held at the 2011 OAPN Annual Showcase Conference. The scheduled showcase will occur between 6:30-7:30 p.m.
  • Show proof of Ohio residency or enrollment at an Ohio school
  • Show proof of age (includes all members)
  • Be able to attend a tech rehearsal onsite earlier that day. It is strongly advised to attend the conference starting at 1 p.m. on that day to participate in conference activities
  • Be willing to work with OAPN to provide  pertinent  information and be available for interviews if applicable

Note: The YAI Featured Artist is strongly advised to have promotional materials available to pass out to conference attendees.

Young Artist Initiative Application (Application deadline: September 2, 2011) To learn how to apply for the 2011 OAPN Young Artist Initiative, please click here. The linked PDF contains important instructions for the application process.

When you are ready to apply online, please click here. You will be directed to the online application form. All applications and support materials should be sent by email to info@oapn.org and must be received electronically by September 2, 2011 at 5PM EST.

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