Ohioans Value Access to Arts and Culture

Ohioans value and place a high priority on access to arts and cultural opportunities in their communities.  The following points can be used as conversation starters with friends, colleagues, and policy-makers.  Start the conversation today!

• Citizens value abundant cultural opportunities for themselves and their families. In the online Ohio Statewide Arts & Culture Survey, conducted by the OAC in early 2010, 60 percent of more than 5,700 Ohio residents said the most important thing state government should do to meet citizens’ cultural needs is help Ohio’s local communities develop their own arts and cultural resources, and 49 percent said the state government should fund professional arts organizations and artists.

• Citizens expect government to play a role in making the arts widely available in schools and communities. The Ohio Statewide Arts & Culture Survey revealed that 83 percent of Ohio residents think the state of Ohio’s government should play a major role in supporting and expanding arts, culture, and entertainment programs in their community.

• The Ohio Arts & Culture Survey also revealed that nearly every Ohio resident attends cultural events/places such as museums, live music, libraries, art galleries, films, theatres, festivals, etc.

• Grants from the OAC to Ohio cultural organizations and schools help provide more than 18 million arts experiences to Ohio citizens, nearly 5 million of which were for young people. (OAC final reports, 2010)

• Repeat iterations of the National Endowment for the Arts Survey of Public Participation in the Arts have shown that festivals and fairs collectively attract more unique audience members per year than most arts events. More than 917,000 Ohioans take part in OAC-funded fairs and festivals.

Sources for the Talking Points can be found at: www.OhioCitizenForTheArts.org Resources, State Funding for the Arts, Talking Points.

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