News from Katerina Ruedi Ray

Dear Ohio Citizens for the Arts members,

A new documentary from WBGU-TV puts a spotlight on the importance of arts industries to northwest Ohio. “Creative Economy of Northwest Ohio,” is a 30-minute documentary that showcases the economic and community impact of the region’s arts and culture and features interviews with cultural, state and business leaders. It will air for the first time on WBGU tomorrow, 03/31/2011 at 9:00 pm, with additional dates below. BGSU arts are among the nine arts organizations featured.
Northwest Ohio’s creative economy generates over $2.4 billion in economic impact, sustains 33,000 jobs and provides more than $250 million in local, state and federal tax revenue. A fast–growing sector, it fosters the entrepreneurialism, innovation, collaboration and communication needed by 21st century enterprises. With non-profit arts at its core, it includes museums, historical societies, arts companies, independent artists, as well as design services, motion picture, video and sound recording industries, book and newspaper publishing and art schools and services. The arts and the creative industries are working hard to support Northwest Ohio’s jobs, quality of life, community collaborations and preparation for a 21st century economy!

“Creative Economy of Northwest Ohio” was produced, directed, written and edited by Tony Howard, producer/director at WBGU-TV and shot by Matthew Blinn, videographer at WBGU-TV. Dr. F. Scott Regan, a BGSU professor emeritus of theater and film, narrates the piece.
“Creative Economy of Northwest Ohio,” will air on:

    Thu 3/31 @ 9 pm
    Wed 4/6 @ 10.30pm
    Sun 4/10 @ 9 pm
    Sun 5/1 @ 5.30pm
    Thu 5/5 @ 8.30pm
    Wed 5/11 @ 9pm
    Thu 5/12 @ 9.30pm
    Sun 5/22 @ 5.30pm

    Mon 5/9 @ 10.30 pm
    Tue 5/10 @ 4:30 pm
The url for the program is 

The url for a ten minute trailer is

Take a look and forward as part of your advocacy efforts! Thanks so much!

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