October is National Arts and Humanities Month

As active advocates for the arts and arts education we have an obligation to guide and educate policy-makers about the value of the arts, the need for arts education, and the preservation of our cultural assets.  We are in final stretch of the 2010 election season.  Right now, and in the coming weeks, there will be candidate nights, debates, and fundraising events that you are sure to be invited to participate. RSVP yes, and go.  In fact go and take two additional arts advocates with you. Speak up. Ask the candidates a few very direct questions:

  • If elected, how will you leverage the cultural resources of Ohio to positively impact our economy?
  • If elected, what policies will you pursue to ensure that all public school students receive a quality arts education?
  • If elected, what is your plan to support arts and culture in Ohio?
  • If elected, what innovative ideas do you have to put into place that will help revitalize Ohio’s communities in and through our creative industries?

As you are speaking up, please be sure to share some compelling facts that come to us from an arts economic impact study by the Bowling Green State University’s Center for Regional Development. We never want to miss an opportunity to educate policy-makers or potential policy-makers about the impact of the arts!

The Creative Industries annually:

  • Contribute more than $25 billion to Ohio’s economy
  • Support 231,200 jobs in Ohio’s economy
  • Generate $1.06 billion in state and local tax revenues
  • Generate $1.78 billion in federal tax revenues

As we’ve said for quite some time, the arts are part of the solution in Ohio. The arts are an economic driver. The arts are at the core of education. The arts preserve our heritage.  Together we can make a difference in the political landscape by educating the individuals who seek to make policy and help them understand the power of the arts in Ohio.  If you need additional information about making a case for the arts please be in touch – Ohio Citizens for the Arts stands ready to serve!

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